Vital Energy Night Repair Concentrate Cream


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Intensive care for the eyes and mouth that are easy to get older. Positive aging care that leads to a lively look * A
rich feel can be achieved by applying a lightly used cream on the skin.
Makes fine lines due to drying inconspicuous *.

* Care according to age
* Efficacy evaluation tested

Product information

◆ moisturizing cream
◆ fragrance-free
◆ uncolored
◆ capacity: 20G
◆ moisturizing ingredients: 6 kinds of plant extracts (Aloe vera leaf extract, citron fruit extract, Oniichigo root extract, Alpinia zerumbet leaf extract, Echinacea extract, licorice root extract), ceramide-like component (Lauroyl glutamate di (octyldodecyl / phytosteryl / behenyl)), sodium hyaluronate


Product features

Anti-wrinkle efficacy test pass prescription
We conducted a test based on “Anti-wrinkle product evaluation guidelines for acquiring new efficacy” in the “Cosmetic Function Guidelines” by the Japanese Cosmetic Society, and confirmed the effect.

Concentrated moisturizing
plant with 6 kinds of plant extracts. The plant-derived extract protects the moisture of your skin.
(Aloe vera, citron, Oniichigo, Alpinia zerumbet, Echinacea, licorice)

※ pale yellow of the cream is the color of “licorice root extract”.

For bouncy skin,
ceramide-like ingredients and hyaluronic acid give the skin firmness and moisture, and lead to skin where wrinkles due to dryness are not noticeable.

Soft and soft texture It
stretches well and gives skin firmness and moisture with a cream that is familiar to the skin.
After application, the skin will become familiar and firm.


  • ・ Persons worried about fine wrinkles due to dry eyes and mouth
  • ・ Those who are concerned about the elasticity of their skin
  • ・ Those who are concerned about drying

How to use

Use at the end of cleaning.
Take an appropriate amount (1 push) and apply to the part you care about.

* An airless pump that prevents air from entering the container and prevents product oxidation is used.
The inner bottom is raised as you use it.

Steps to use

morning night
Cleansing → Face washing → Lotion → Essence → Milky lotion → Concentrate cream


Additional information

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Vital Energy


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