Vital Energy Moist Powdery Pact (refill)


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While firmly cover the small wrinkles and age spots and freckles, soft and natural to finish.
While moisturizing with moisturizing, long-lasting beautiful finish by holding a shine.

Product Info

◆ with sponge puff
◆ 2WAY type ◆ fragrance-free ◆ 6 colors ◆ capacity: 10g
◆ moisturizing ingredients: coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), aloe vera leaf extract, jojoba seed oil

Product Features

◆2530 Pink refill (153151)

◆2540 Natural refill (153152)

◆2541 Natural refill (153153)

◆2545 Natural Beige refill (153156)

◆2550 Light Oche refill (153154)

◆2551 Oche refill (153155)

How to Use

After you trimmed the skin with makeup base, take it as stroking a dedicated sponge, please extend to the entire face.
※ When used in water there is, let’s squeeze firmly water.
※ sponge, please use to always clean.

Set method

Refill was taken out of the middle plate from the case, and has firmly.
Please be set to a special case medium dish Peel off the transparent film that is affixed to the bottom -. After the set, lightly pressing the foundation with a sponge, please do not come off.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 cm


Vital Energy


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