Tennifer Liquid Milk UV SPF 30 PA++

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Tennifer Liquid Milk UV SPF 30 PA++

RM90.00 RM81.00

Sunscreen emulsion] SPF30, PA ++ 45 mL

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A strong thin Hazuki to sweat, water, does not have a film feeling. 
Small amount and well extend, fresh and light feel. 
SPF30, stains caused by sunburn in the PA ++, protect your skin from ultraviolet rays that cause of freckles. 
Since it is not sticky not white type can also systemic care, you can use it as a makeup base as the morning of emulsion of the day sweaty. 
Active regardless of the season to light leisure from everyday life! !


◆ sunscreen emulsion 
for ◆ face-body 
◆ SPF30, PA ++ 
◆ Unscented 
◆ capacity: 45 mL 
◆ moisturizing ingredients: chamomile flower extract

Moisturizing ingredients chamomile flower extract combination
natural moisturizing ingredients give a clear sense of your skin. There is in addition to astringent (tightening) action of moisturizing.


Dedicated cleansing unnecessary water proof
sweat, water in strong waterproof. It Otose in the usual cleansing.


You can use it as a makeup base. 
Uniformly fit also to the irregularities of the skin. To improve the cosmetic glue, to prevent the makeup.

pick up little by little from Shake well the container, let soften to gently and evenly to the entire face. 
This time, and easy to amount per ultraviolet rays, and is coats to nose, and cheekbone, is more effective. 
Forget not paint also decollete.


taken so as to draw a line on top of the skin, stretches evenly in the palm of the hand. 
At this time, let’s do not forget to fill, such as inside of the arm.



  • • If a combination of UV-cut base and foundation that is effective, UV protection effect UP!
  • – Etc. After wiping with a towel the skin, please reapply to frequently.
  • · In the strong season and the scene of the sun, please use a high liquid milk UV50 + UV-cut effect, such as.
  • – Parasol is even more effective when used in conjunction with UV care goods such as.



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