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Cause of dullness of your skin, such as waste of hard old horny and skin that fell in face wash only, wash away and let float go up and pack. 
Well-balanced to give a rich firmness and moisture by the action of the blended moisturizer to keep the skin that was smooth. 
Only not the scruff of the neck and knees face, you can use it to whole body, such as the heel. ※ rinse type

Product information

•  pack <rinse type> 
•  Unscented 
•  uncolored 
•  capacity: 250 g 
•  moisturizing ingredients: soybean fermentation extract (Nattougamu), yeast extract (Saccharomyces lysate extract), mulberry bark extract (Morus alba root bark extract)

All components display

Kaolin, water, glycerin, BG, bentonite, talc, squalane, cetyl palmitate, Morus alba root bark extract, fermented soybean extract, Saccharomyces lysates extract, hyaluronic acid Na, damask rose flower water, Tanakurakurei, behenyl, ethanol, lauryl phosphate Na

Product Features

Moist shiny
Souhakuhiekisu and fermented soybean extract keep moist skin. Lively tension with age tend to decrease the elasticity of the skin. Hari is in the skin in the yeast extract.

How to use

After washing, about 5 minutes to 10 minutes stretched from wide portion Take an appropriate amount to hand over the entire face to order, please wash If you think that the dry Na. (When you are in a hurry, it is fine even if you rinse with a semi-dry state.)


To shine measures of T-zone. No longer Teca from the morning of the pack.

  1. After washing, I Apply the pack to T-zone.
  2. After nephew 5 minutes and rinse with cold or warm water.
  3. Firmly putting cotton moistened with lotion, tightening of the point.

Youthful neck
and pack the neck that age appears. You paint it while massaging from the bottom to the top. Beautiful decollete breast original, massage so as to draw a spiral toward the neck from the shoulder. The pride you want legs to pack up to knee ankle. Edema easy calf is Momihogushi to strengthen somewhat, thighs, massage as’ll rubbing. Elbow you want to prevent the Zara with, knee intensively to the elbow-Hizapakku to Zara with and drying. Massage to draw a spiral. Hard horny to take soft easy to state.

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