Seruzad whitening Pact C POWDER (MEIKO COSMETICS )


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Fine-grained powder and hyaluronic acid coat powder, wrinkles and pores anxious even less noticeable, I will smooth finish. 
Clear without white float I will produce a bright skin.

Product information

 With sponge puff
 2WAY type 
•  fragrance-free 
•  all five colors 
•  capacity: 14 g 
•  moisturizing ingredients: Vitamin C derivative (ascorbyl phosphate Mg), fermented soybean extract (Nattougamu), hyaluronic acid Na

How to use

Take the sponge little by little, extending to dab from the center of the face outward. 
※ When using in there water, let’s squeeze firmly water. 
※ sponge, please use in the always clean.

How to set

Press the small hole of the compact back in pin or the like, and take out the middle plate. Please be set to take out the same way refill dishes.

Additional information

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