OCTARD EX Savon (beauty soap)


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In old-fashioned recipe, carefully aged over 3 months. 
Located on the soap cleansing of resistance, I want to recommend with confidence for those of dry skin, stuck to wash up. Washing up is not Tsuppara to clean a, moist slippery. 
While care for your skin, it is beauty soap cleaner can be cleaned.

Product information

•   beauty soap <framed> 
•   Unscented 
•   uncolored 
•   standard weight: 120 g 
•   moisturizing ingredients: hydrolysis royal jelly extract, honey, hydrolyzed collagen

All components display

Potash containing Substrate soap, water, glycerin, sucrose, honey, sorbitol, olive fruit oil, hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed royal jelly extract, BG, etidronate 4Na, ethanol

Product Features

Hydrolysis royal jelly
royal jelly extract and enzymatic degradation to the amino acid level, it was further enhanced moisturizing performance. 
Washing up is not Tsuppara, your skin smooth.


foaming, creamy, I will more finely. 
While care for your skin, clean and wash the old extra horny and sebum dirt.


Hydrolyzed collagen
an indispensable ingredient in skin, collagen. By decomposing the collagen has been improved penetration into the stratum corneum. 
Moist feeling UP wash up.


Recommended for those who like

  • Since there is no tightness of the washing up, for those who had a resistance to soap cleansing.

How to use

  1. Water or lukewarm water, and wet your hands and face.
  2. Hold the soap with both hands, and whisk in the manner rolling in the palm of the hand. ※ Put the soap to the net, if you like massage lightly, you foaming more effectively.
  3. From large forehead, nose of secretion of sebum to cheek, let soften and dirt Place the foam to the last delicate eyes, mouth.
  4. Water please or rinse carefully so that there is no leaving rinse with warm water.
  5. With a soft towel, let’s blotted water to hold lightly.

Your step

After washing, please care in the following order after you clean your skin.

Morning: Cleansing lotion → → Beauty → liquid emulsion → makeup

Night: Makeup Remover → Cleansing → ​​lotion → Beauty → liquid emulsion → cream

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