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The moisturizing astringent, wipe lotion that combines the elements of the lotion. By the action of a well-balanced and blended moisturizing, it gives moisture-tightening, exhilaration. Product information • moisturizing astringent, wipe lotion • Unscented • uncolored • capacity: 195 mL • moisturizing ingredients: soybean fermentation extract (Nattougamu), yeast extract (Saccharomyces lysate extract), mulberry bark extract (Morus alba root bark extract) Ingredients Water, ethanol, Penchirengurikoru, damask rose flower water, Morus alba root bark extract, fermented soybean extract, Saccharomyces lysates extract, hyaluronic acid Na, PCA-Na, succiniciproducens Legris chill retinoic acid 2Na, diethoxyethyl succinic acid, PPG-6 decyl Tetoradesesu -20, citric acid Na, EDTA-4Na, methylparaben How to use Appropriate amount (2-3 push) is taken in hand or cotton, let soften gently to the entire face. ※ You can use it as wiping lotion after the massage agent and cream type of cleansing agent. ※ Please gently putting when you want to tightening.
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