MEIKO Colour Collection Cheek Color


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Create a beautiful shade with this easy blendable power blush

◆ With brush
◆ Unscented
◆ All 6 colors
◆ Moisturizing ingredient: Squalane

Easy to use 6 color development
110 Orange … Bright and healthy orange.
120 Pink … bright and fluffy natural peach.
121 Pink … Bright and colorful coral pink.
130 Rose … A bloody rose that gives a feminine impression.
150 Brown … Bronze color that is familiar to the skin. Also for shading.
160 Highlights … Champagne beige with pearl that won’t float white.

How to choose according to
your skin color It will look natural and elegant if you match it with your skin tone.
Yellowish skin → 110 Orange ・ 120 Pink
Slightly reddish skin → 120 Pink ・ 121 Pink
Blueish skin / Light skin → 121 Pink ・ 130 Rose

A beautiful cheek color
that creates a natural complexion that blends into your skin. Makes the complexion look bright and gives a beautiful and healthy impression.

squalane with moisturizing ingredients A
natural moisturizing ingredient that protects the skin from dryness and UV rays. It has a component close to human skin and is suitable for keeping the skin surface moisturized.

Brush that
gives color and luster PBT100%
polyester resin that is soft to the touch, smooth, and contains powder. It is durable and dries quickly, so it is easy to clean.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 6 cm

110 Orange, 120 pink, 121 Pink, 130 Rose, 150 Brown, 160 Highlights


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