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A lash care mascara that is smooth and stretches well.
A sharp finish that makes each lash stand out, giving it a natural length and gloss.
It is a single application to produce jet black eyelashes.
The slim compact brush allows you to apply the base firmly, so it stays clear.
The adhesive film prescription is strong against sweat and tears, but can be removed with hot water.
Contains 6 types of eyelash beauty ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) to care for eyelashes during makeup.

Product information

◆ All 1 color

Unscented ◆ Eyelash beauty (moisturizing) ingredients: amino acid plant-derived gloss oil (N-lauroyl-L-glutamic acid di (phytosteryl 2-octyldodecyl)), panthenol, argan oil (Argania spinosa nucleus) Oil), hydrolyzed silk, ginseng root extract, biotinoyltripeptide-1
◆ Non-fiber type


Black image colorBlack
A deep jet black with gloss. Creates impressive eyes.

Product features

Care for your own eyelashes while mascara!

Contains beauty ingredients similar to eyelash serum. Care from the roots to the tips of the hair, and make your own eyelashes strong and full!
For lashes that are hard to come off, have gloss, elasticity and elasticity.

Eyelash beauty (moisturizing) ingredient

Jet black that makes black eyes look beautiful and glossy and elegant eyes

Sticking to elegance [finished]
  • Natural finish with an emphasis on the presence of each eyelash and the delicacy of the tips
  • Curling power that makes the eyes that are apt to become heavy
  • – overlaid not be heavy and beautifully separate radially
  • ・ One- touch finish to give glossy jet black eyelashes
Carefully designed [Product design]
  • ・ Does not burden thin lashes
  • Carefully selected beauty ingredients that give strength to weak eyelashes
  • Slim compact brush designed in the shape of Asian eyes

Cohesive film prescription for both "make-up lasting" and "easy removal"

What is the adhesive film prescription?

It is a prescription that forms eyelashes in a beautiful form with a moderately viscous mascara liquid and coats them with an adhesive film so that each eyelash can be firmly and evenly fixed without burdening the eyelashes .

Features of adhesive film prescription
  • ・ Keep curl
  • ・ Panda is blind to water, sweat, tears, etc.
  • ・お湯でスルンと簡単OFF
  • ・エクステ、つけまつ毛でも使える

A pack that encloses eyelash beauty ingredients and functional materials with high make-up effect with adhesive film coating!

It can be dropped to remove it.洗顔の際に、ぬるま湯をまつ毛に十分含ませて優しくなでるだけで落とせます!

"Slim compact brush" that does not let short eyelashes escape

What is Slim Compact Brush?


"Slim compact brush" that does not let short eyelashes escape



(1) Curl to lift.ブラシのを上まつ毛の根元にあて、軽く持ち上げるように固定。
(2) Long lash effect towards the tips of hair毛先に向かって素早くとかし上げます。お好みの濃さになるまで重ね塗り。
(3) Change the brush for the eyelashes.下まつ毛や目尼などの細かい部分は先を使って軽いタッチで左右に塗布。

Precautions for storage and handling

  • ○ After use, wipe the container mouth clean and be sure to close the cap securely.
  • ○ Avoid places with extremely high or low temperatures, and store in places not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • ○ Please keep out of reach of children.
  • Check for great products such as recommended products, free shipping, sets, and gifts
  • Subscription


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