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Moisture veil of moisturizing plenty realize Purupuru lips. To protect the lips from drying, reducing the umbrella with. 
A high gloss feel oil is high loading, we increase the gloss and adhesion with a wrap effect. 
Inconspicuous striations, followed by the lips be beautiful.

LR101 orange image color

LR101 Orange 
Youthfulness that was lively. 
Light orange-red with a sense of transparency. 
Florid good lips rough coat. Firmly vivid in the Fill.

LR401 Rose (pearl entering) image color

LR401 Rose (pearl entering) 
Until the skin color shining bright. 
Show brighten the skin, fashionable Rose accentuate the lip color.

LR601 pink image color

LR601 Pink 
The loveliness full of women. 
Youthful does not feel dull, pink with adorable you.

LR801 Red image color

LR801 Red 
Gorgeous red rising beauty degree. 
The rise of florid sense, to gorgeous lips. Adult red does not feel dull.


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Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 10 cm

LR101 Orange, LR601 Pink, LR801 Red, LR401 Rose


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