MC Collection Eyebrow Mascara


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Eyebrow mascara that changes the hair color and atmosphere to give a soft impression. Brightening pearl is added to create a three-dimensional eyebrow.

Contains beauty ingredients that give a glossy eyebrow finish.
It is strong against sweat and sebum, and has a long lasting effect that keeps it freshly applied.
Easy to use screw brush that doesn’t get on the skin easily catches each eyebrow one by one, and it is also a point that unevenness is unlikely to occur.
Product information
◆ All 2 colors
◆ Unscented
◆ Moisturizing ingredients: Panthenol, Panax ginseng root extract, Chamomile flower extract, Majorana leaf extract, Wild thyme extract


MC Collection

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BR201 Light Brown (133501), BR202 Natural Brown (133502)


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