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Considering the adult skin, adult color of Wurtz and lip. 
In moist smooth texture of fitting oil * compounding, and cover the color shading and vertical wrinkles. 
Lips with moisture and shine feeling lasts. 
※ optional MC collection lip case please use is set to.

LS101 Orange image color

LS101 Orange <br> urbane feeling, pink orange. 
Dullness does not feel the skin, bright active woman. Skin color with a yellowish, recommended for skin of ocher system!

LS201 beige (Tsuyaparu) image color

LS201 beige (Tsuyaparu) 
To produce a feminine mouth, full of gloss Nudi – color. Also as a base of gloss. 
In exquisite complexion feeling, it will create a beautiful and elegant lips.

LS401 Rose image color

Elegant Rose does not feel dullLS401 Rose <br>. Do not skin float, color is a deep. 
To clean the skin does not feel the yellow Holdings saw skin!

LS601 Pink (Tsuyaparu) image color

LS601 Pink (Tsuyaparu) 
Balance of blueness and redness exquisite pink color. It blends into the skin, in the mouth with adult cute gloss. Recommended person also to feel that pink does not suit!

LS603 Pink (Tsuyaparu) image color

LS603 Pink (Tsuyaparu) 
Juicy shiny in, rose pink. Delicate pearl feeling, gives a fluffy impression. Lust beautiful skin color, in bright and colorful impression.

LS801 Red image color

Spicy Red which is alive as it is the original of florid feeling with theLS801 Red <br> lips. 
Gorgeous, and the mouth of the airy impression. For those of white skin, it shines better.


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LS201 Beige (103417), LS401 Rose (103418), LS603 Pink (103420), LS603 Pink (103420), LS801 Red (103421), LS101 Orange (103416)


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