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Covering various skin problems such as color irregularities, dullness, fine lines, pores and so on, it is a corrected ground that uniforms skin color. 
Bounce Light Powder * It fits on your skin to fit, spreads light, covers wrinkles and pores. 
Increase adhesion of foundation, prevent makeup make-up. 
SPF45 · PA +++ protects the skin from ultraviolet rays for a long time. 
Hyaluronic acid Na moisturizing ingredients, squalane, macadamia seed oil blended. It protects your skin from drying by air conditioners and ultraviolet rays.

※ polyurethane-44, silica

Product Info

◆ Corrected base ◆ SPF 45 · PA +++ 
◆ No fragrance ◆ UV absorber free ◆ All three colors ◆ Capacity: 30g 
◆ Moisturizing component: hyaluronic acid Na, squalane, macadamia seed oil



Covers dullness, redness, brown bear, etc.
 It brings out the brightness and transparency of the skin.

Lavender pink

Lavender pink
Recommended for those who seem pale or tired easily on the skin.
Tone up your skin by applying a pink foundation to a healthy impression.

White pearl

White pearl
Brighten the skin one-sidedly, to the skin with transparency.
 Also highlight effect to show

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MC Collection


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