Hi Care Skin Freshener (Wipe Toner) 300ML


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A little stress in everyday life tends to break the rhythm of beautiful skin.
That is why it is a wipe-off lotion containing marine collagen, which is said to have an absorption rate about 7 times that of animal collagen.
Contains seaweed ingredients that are rich in sea nutrients such as fucoidan, minerals, and polyphenols to give vitality to the skin, smooth the texture, and make the skin smooth. Makeup glue will also improve.

Product information

◆ Wiping lotion
◆ No coloring
◆ No fragrance
◆ No mineral oil
◆ Capacity: 300mL
◆ Moisturizing ingredients: Brown algae extract (Na alginate), Akamoku extract, Hibamata extract, Okinawa mozuku extract, Marine collagen (hydrolyzed collagen)

Product Features

Absorption rate about 7 times that of animal collagen Marine collagen formulation
Easy to clear skin just by wiping
off ・ Removes old keratin, dirt and sebum
・ Supports moisturizing ・ Removes
excess oil
・ Instead of washing your face in the morning

Plenty of discerning ingredients derived from the sea!
Marine collagen * 2, seaweed extract * 1, rockweed extract, akamoku extract, Okinawa mozuku extract Contains
ingredients rich in sea nutrients.
It gives vitality to the skin and smoothes the firmness and texture.
* 1 Na alginate * 2 6 additive-free formulations for
hydrolyzed collagen skin No fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oil, no dimethicon, no petroleum-based surfactant, no UV absorber

Removes dead skin cells and dirty sebum.
The next lotion and beauty essence will become familiar and support moisturizing.
For clear and smooth skin.

Instead of washing your face on a busy morning
, take her generous amount of cotton and wipe it gently so that it slides on your skin. After that, prepare with lotion or milky lotion.

To wipe off excess oil after using a cream or gel,
he cleans off any oil left on the skin after cleansing or massage.

How to use

Soak it in cotton and wipe it gently so that it slides on your skin.

Use step

Cleansing cream or massage cream → wipe-off lotion → face wash → lotion → <milky lotion → cream




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