Hi care skin lotion (lotion) 300ML


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That is why a lotion containing marine collagen, which is said to have an absorption rate about 7 times that of animal collagen, moisturizes well.
In addition, it contains seaweed ingredients that are rich in sea nutrients such as fucoidan, minerals, and polyphenols to give vitality to the skin and improve its firmness and texture.
With plenty of 300mL, it can be used for the whole body and is ideal for total care. Easy to use for men and recommended.

Product information

◆ Toner
◆ No coloring
◆ No fragrance
◆ No mineral oil
◆ Capacity: 300mL
◆ Moisturizing ingredients: Brown algae extract (Na alginate), Akamoku extract, Hibamata extract, Okinawa mozuku extract, Marine collagen (hydrolyzed collagen)

Product Features

Absorption rate about 7 times that of animal collagen Contains marine collagen A
lotion that penetrates the skin smoothly and is not sticky.

6 additive-free formulations for the skin
No fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oil, no dimethicon, no petroleum-based surfactant, no UV absorber

Plenty of discerning ingredients derived from the sea!
Marine collagen * 2, seaweed extract * 1, rockweed extract, akamoku extract, Okinawa mozuku extract Contains
ingredients rich in sea nutrients.
It gives vitality to the skin and smoothes the firmness and texture.
* 1 Na alginate
* 2 Hydrolyzed collagen

It has a large capacity and
can be fully used, so you can take care of your whole body as well as your face! It can be used generously in lotion packs as a luxury once a week.

How to use

After washing your face, take an appropriate amount on your palm or cotton and put it carefully.

Use step

Face wash → Toner → Milky lotion → Cream → Makeup
Cleansing cream or massage cream → wipe-off lotion → face wash → lotion → milky lotion → cream




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